im socialized on Pinterest

im socialized on Pinterest

Pinterest is the social network on everybody’s lips at the moment. As our Facebook feeds become filled with photos, the new Twitter profile layout promotes visuals like never before and the amount of Instagramer grows at a frightening rate, its a clear indication that visual is what the people want – perhaps a result of the ever increasing laziness that social media promotes? or just technology catching up? Any who, Pinterest, for those who are not so familiar with it, is ‘digital scrapbook’ / ‘pinboard’ style social network that allows that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections by either browsing other pinboards for inspiration, ‘re-pinning’ images to their own collections or ‘likeing’ photos. In short; its visual, simple and effective.

So who’s using it? Well unlike Facebook and Twitter, which have a far more even gender balance, Pinterest has a female dominant following which (depending on which stats you read)  varies anywhere from 72% to 97%. Its big with the fashionistas and creative’s and the average time users spend on the network per month is up there with Facebook.  Sound like something you need to check? Check our im socialized Pinterest and let us know what you think.

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